A cute cat with a happy ending

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.comStarting life on a rough note is a common occurrence for many cats, and unfortunately, not all of them have happy endings. Rascal Wild, a tuxedo cat from Washington state, had a difficult start in life. He was discovered as a stray near a busy road and had a hard time finding a permanent home due to his energetic behavior. According to his owners, the location where he was found was unsuitable for a cat with multiple lanes of busy traffic, train tracks, and a cemetery. Perhaps Rascal was abandoned because of his large size and wild personality, or maybe he was looking for love in all the wrong places due to being un-neutered. Upon arriving at the shelter, he was described as feisty, energetic, mischievous, and unaware that hands are not toys. Here is a picture of where Rascal was found, which clearly depicts an unsafe environment for a feline.

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

Jim and Cerise were kind enough to take in a lively cat after learning about his story. Despite the fact that he wasn’t particularly affectionate or cuddly, they felt a bond with him from the moment they saw his photo. They didn’t mind his quirks and knew he was meant to be with them. They created a social media account for their handsome new pet and have amassed over 30,000 followers and counting. Their cat’s bio describes him as a good-looking feline in Seattle who uses his belly to charm people. He also happens to be a big brother to @poly_dumplings.

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rascal’s owners and got some insightful answers to my questions about this lively cat. It turns out that Rascal is not just any ordinary feline, but a playful prankster at heart. He’s so good at luring you in for a belly rub, only to pounce and surprise you, that he’s earned the clever middle name “it’s a trap”. One could say he’s a pro at trapping unsuspecting humans with his irresistible charm. Read on to discover more about this mischievous kitty!

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

At what age did Rascal become a part of your household?
Rascal was discovered as a scruffy, unsterilized tomcat wandering the streets and brought to a shelter where they approximated he was around 2 years old. Nonetheless, it is uncertain whether he was younger or older than that. Presently, he is a composed and well-behaved feline who has been with his family for five years, making him a seasoned seven-year-old.

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

His name seems to suit him perfectly! When you first took him in, what was his original name and how did you come up with his permanent name?
“We actually kept Rascal as his name from the shelter because it suited him so well. We didn’t even consider changing it!” Don’t miss out on exclusive content such as articles, guides, reviews, interesting cat facts, and more. Signup today!

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

Look at this adorable scene of a 2-year-old cat named @poly_dumplings hanging out with his feline pal and asking for some chicken. According to his owner, they were a bit apprehensive when adopting the kittens and introduced them gradually to avoid any conflict. Initially, @poly_dumplings would growl and hiss at their new roommates, and it took six weeks before they met face to face. However, things soon changed, and now they are the best of friends. The kittens have become his personal groomers and playmates, with Gyoza roughhousing with him while tiny Gnocchi chases him around. They fit perfectly into the family, and they all look great together too!

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

Is there anything remarkable you would like to share about him? Well, although he may not be the most trusting feline around, once you gain his trust, his affection knows no bounds. Despite his wild nature, he possesses a hidden gentle side that exudes sweetness, and let’s not forget about his massive, soothing purr.

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

It’s been said that tuxedo cats are known for their distinct cattitude. But where does Rascal fall on the scale of feline personality, from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest)? I’d give him a solid 12! When he first arrived home, he was bursting with energy and loved to pounce and bite. These days, he prefers being brushed and petted, but he can still get overstimulated at times and may nip to let us know he needs some space. Overall, Rascal’s cattitude is unique and always keeps us on our toes!

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

Rascal is a big boy, weighing in at 20 lbs! This shouldn’t come as a surprise since many tuxedo cats tend to be large and in charge. I can’t get enough of Rascal’s hilarious antics either, and you can stay up-to-date with them by following him on Instagram. In one picture, he’s attempting to trick his humans into giving him a belly rub, but they know better because his murder mittens tend to come out. It’s funny because my tuxie does the same thing!

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

If you happen to know anyone who has a soft spot for tuxedo cats, why not share Rascal’s amazing story with them? I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Jim and Cerise, Rascal’s owners, for giving me permission to share his story with all of you. I sincerely hope that you found Rascal’s tale to be just as delightful as I did.

Additionally, you might want to check out Rascal’s feline housemates, Poly Dumplings, who also go by the names Gyoza and Gnocchi. These two adorable polydactyl cats are sure to capture your heart if you can’t resist their cuteness.

Meet Wild: The Playful Cat Who Found His Happy Ending - amazingmindscape.com

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