A pig monster with a human face appears and causes chaos in Brazil and scares people

Recently, a resident of the city of Tapiraípe, state of Bahia, Brazil, sent panic-inducing images of a mutant creature believed to be a pig to the media. But the most striking detail is that the face of this creature has human features.

Quái thai lợn mặt người gây náo loạn Brazil 1
Quái thai lợn mặt người gây náo loạn Brazil 2

Terrifying images of fetuses believed to be pigs with human faces.

Aside from a long nose and pointed ears, this strange creature barely possesses the basic characteristics of a pig.

It is known that the pig’s fetus died within seconds of being born.

Quái thai lợn mặt người gây náo loạn Brazil 3

Many people have come to see the pig with a human face in recent days.

It is still unclear whether this is simply a genetic mutation or a deformity in animals. Furthermore, information about this pig fetus with a human face still seems to be very limited. However, immediately after the image of the pig with a human face was widely published, many curious onlookers from all over flocked to see this deformed creature with their own eyes.

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