Al Nassr cierra el trato, Ronaldo está a punto de reunirse con su fiel guardaespaldas en Arabia Saudita para crear un dúo que destruirá el torneo.

Al Nassr appreciates the possibility of reuniting Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane with an attractive new offer.

In the context that Raphael Varane’s contract with Manchester United is about to expire this June, there are rumors that he will contact Al Nassr to reunite with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabian team is said to have offered Varane a contract worth 63 million USD/year. Either way, the Frenchman is still at a crossroads, with the possibility of extending his stay in the Premier League or moving to Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, recent news shows that Ronaldo’s team has improved its offer for the former Real Madrid defender.

According to Nfcdiario posting news related to Al Nassr on X, the club has sent a new offer to Raphael Varane. According to a post attributed to famous football journalist Ben Jacobs, Varane is optimistic about joining the Riyadh-based team. Furthermore, Al Nassr’s new offer is ” very strong in terms of salary “. Besides the team led by Cristiano Ronaldo, Al Ittihad is also interested in recruiting this defender in the summer. If Varane finds Al Ittihad more attractive, he will reunite with Real Madrid veteran Karim Benzema.

Al Nassr closes the deal, Ronaldo is about to reunite with his trusted bodyguard in Saudi 431484

Al Nassr wants Varane to reunite with Ronaldo (Photo: GETTY).

On the other hand, there are numerous reports that imply Manchester United might reverse their prior selections. The reason for this is that the Red Devils apparently made the decision in January to not activate the contract extension with the player who is 30 years old. Probably because of the enormous pay that the former Real Madrid player receives, this is the case.

Having a weekly salary of 429 thousand United States Dollars, Varane is the second biggest earner for the team, behind only Casemiro. In any case, it would not be strange if Manchester United desired to keep the French player on their roster. There is little doubt that Varane is currently one of the most highly regarded players at Old Trafford. Surprisingly, he was able to win a number of championships while playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. Consequently, the reunification of the two is a step that holds a great deal of promise for Al Nassr.

The partnership between Raphael Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo was the driving force behind all of their success.

Two years after Cristiano Ronaldo relocated to the capital of Spain, Raphael Varane became a member of Real Madrid. The 2011–12 season was Varane’s first year with Los Blancos, and it was also Ronaldo’s first time winning the Spanish National Championship with the club. Varane won the La Liga title in his first year.

Then, during the 2016–2017 season, same tandem once again triumphed in La Liga. The local triumph of the duo, on the other hand, pales in comparison to the enormous grandeur they have achieved in Europe. An astonishing four UEFA Champions League titles have been won by the Portuguese player and former France star while playing for the White Vultures over the course of five years alone!


In addition, the two were the focal points of Real Madrid’s attention in a variety of other competitions, including the FIFA Club World Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup, all of which they won championships in in their respective years.

After spending the summer of 2021 with Madrid, Raphael Varane made the decision to sign with Manchester United. After a month had passed, Cristiano Ronaldo made the decision to leave Juventus and make his second move to Old Trafford. Despite the fact that the two individuals’ time spent in England was quite different from the time they spent in Spain, their tight connection remained the same.

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