Ayesha Curry Enjoys a ‘Paradise’ Retreat with Stephen Curry and Their Son

Recent travels for Ayesha Curry, her spouse Stephen Curry, and their son Canon Curry included a stay in what Curry termed “paradise.” The entrepreneur documented her vacation on Instagram on Wednesday, February 23.

“My man and my little man and I spent the best forty-eight hours in paradise,” Ayesha wrote to her social media followers. Additionally, the celebrity posted photographs of her spouse and son that were exceptionally endearing.

In reference to Canon, cookbook author Amanda Haas remarked to Ayesha, “That child gets cuter by the minute.” Sophia Amoruso added, “Beautiful family,” in reply to Ayesha’s Instagram post.


Ayesha and Steph Curry further expand their empire through their most recent endeavor, which was a segment that aired on About Last Night. The HBO Max program features celebrity guests who provide guidance to couples seeking to maintain their romance and address relationship-related questions. Steph and Ayesha Curry recently shared with Collider their admiration for one another and to discuss their involvement with the show.

Stephen described the quality in his wife that he admired the most: “Her ingenuity and her eagerness to impart her talents to others.” “She established an empire essentially out of nothing, with the intention of sharing recipes from her own kitchen using the one and only camera she possessed,” Curry said of his business partner.


Ayesha expressed gratitude to her spouse, “Babe,” throughout the interview. “Observing him balance everything is what I adore most about him,” the businesswoman stated in reference to her spouse. “They say balance does not exist, but as the person who spends the most time with him, I genuinely observe him balance everything without ever expressing dissatisfaction. There are times when that makes me envious, as I wonder, “How?” How? How?’ I am intently observing his actions and am astounded as to how he manages everything with such sophistication, elegance, and effortlessness.”

The combined number of children of Stephen and Ayesha Curry is three: Canon, Ryan, and Riley. Canon is the youngest child and only son of the couple.

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