Dazzling Dew-Covered Insects: A Sparkling Sight to Behold

The Very Damp Caterpiller

These Breathtaking Photos Show Insects Up-Close In Morning Dew

(Image credit: Miroslaw Swietek)

Miroslaw Swietek captures stunning macro images of insects and other creepy-crawlies covered in dew. He takes his photos early in the morning in the forest near his village in Jaroszow, Poland. At that hour, insects and other bugs are still in a state of torpor and aren’t disturbed by the camera, Swietek told LiveScience. [Read a Q&A with Swietek]


Macro photo of caterpillar on stem

(Image credit: Miroslaw Swietek)

An dew-covered insect perches on a plant.

Dragonfly Eye

(Image credit: Miroslaw Swietek)

Droplets of dew magnify the lenses in a dragonfly’s compound eye.

Hairy Slumberer

Sâu bướm màu cam và đen của sâu bư��ớm Gypsy (Lymantria dispar) với gai lớn trên một chiếc lá màu xanh lá cây - Trả phí Bản quyền Một lần Bướm đêm - Bộ cánh vẩy Bức ảnh sẵn có

(Image credit: Miroslaw Swietek)

This wispy fellow stayed mostly dry perching on a dew-moistened flower.

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