Double the cuteness together: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo

Double the Cuteness: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the Adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo! -

I have a special fondness for cats of all kinds, but there’s just something about tuxedo cats that really captures my heart. What’s great about them is that they can be found in many different cat breeds! The two tuxedo cats I’m introducing you to today are Izzy and Zoë, also known as the “Fluff”. These two British Shorthair mixed breed cats were born to be in front of the camera – and I can’t get enough of their adorable photos. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Izzy and the Fluff!

Double the Cuteness: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the Adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo! -

These two feline siblings were born on July 12, 2015, and are both blessed with charming tuxedo markings that make them stand out from their litter. They currently reside in the Netherlands and have garnered a significant following on Instagram over the past few years. Their adorable round eyes and playful antics never fail to captivate the hearts of cat enthusiasts. Zoë’s unique heart marking on her chest has won over many fans as well. According to their owner, these two furry friends are inseparable, and their endearing photos testify to their special bond.

Double the Cuteness: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the Adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo! -

Double the Cuteness: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the Adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo! -

As per the information on, the two sisters have unique traits that define their personalities. The owner of the sisters stated that Izzy is a fearless feline who loves adventure and is extremely affectionate. She adores cuddling and often sleeps on top of her owner. Her favourite activity is jumping high to catch things. For her, the most exciting part is jumping towards the object. Once she catches it, she immediately lets go so she can jump again. Izzy’s favourite item to steal is hairbands, regardless of the type. She enjoys playing in the yard and has a particular liking for chicken as her preferred food.

Double the Cuteness: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the Adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo! -

As for Zoë, she’s quite a character. She’s a bit cautious, but her curiosity and mischief often get the best of her. She’s known to have sudden bursts of energy, or what we like to call “the crazies,” where she’ll randomly jump against walls and furniture, leap over Izzy, and even swat at unsuspecting plants. Plastic items are her weakness, and she’s always on the lookout for something to steal. While she’s affectionate, it’s in a more understated way compared to Izzy. Zoë loves chasing after objects on the ground and can even jump impressively high. Once she catches something, she won’t let go until she’s claimed it as her prize. She’s a picky eater and isn’t fond of most fish except for tuna. Her all-time favorite is chicken, but she’s not able to consume any dairy products due to her allergy, even those that are lactose-free.

Cats have a unique ability to provide emotional support, and Zoë is no exception. They have a calming presence and can offer comfort during difficult times. With their playful and affectionate personalities, they can be a source of joy and entertainment. Zoë’s antics and quirks never fail to bring a smile to our faces and ease any stress or worries we may have. For those looking for an emotional support animal, cats can make excellent companions and bring a sense of comfort to their owners.

Double the Cuteness: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the Adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo! -

Are you a fan of these adorable feline friends? If so, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram so you can keep up with their daily dose of cuteness. A big shoutout to Joanne, their loving owner who generously allowed us to share these photos with CattitudeDaily readers. And if you know anyone else who would enjoy seeing this purrfect pair, don’t hesitate to share! All photos are credited to Izzy and the Fluff’s Instagram account.

Double the Cuteness: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the Adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo! -

Double the Cuteness: Meet Izzy and Zoë, the Adorable Tuxedo Cat Duo! -

Are you a fan of cats with heart-shaped markings? Take a look at this collection of felines that proudly flaunt their love hearts!

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