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“Just Trade Half Their Roster”: LeBron James and Co Suggested to Dissipate After Lakers’ 7th Loss in 10 Games

With their 132–125 victory over the Lakers, the Utah Jazz have now won five games in a row. For the fourth time this season, LeBron James sat on the bench as he dealt with discomfort in his left ankle. The Jazz were led by 27 points from Lauri Markkanen. In James’s absence, D’Angelo Russell stepped up and scored an outstanding 39 points.

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In addition to Russell, five other Lakers players also scored in double digits. Nineteen points were scored by Austin Reaves. A modest triple-double—15 points, 11 assists, and 15 rebounds—was recorded by Anthony Davis.

The Lakers’ irate fan base wasted no time blasting the club as they fell into yet another losing skid. A daring suggestion was quickly made by @BGNHoops, who said the team should move half of the roster and bring in new players to rescue the season. “Lakers are now 19-21,” they tweeted. They should follow the Cavs’ 2018 strategy and trade for half of their roster. It seems like that’s their only chance to save the season.Following Anthony Davis’s shouldering of the loss, @DavidK_100 suggested that the rest of the Lakers team is to blame, rather than Davis himself.

To back up this claim, @Lakerschipp posted a photo of Kobe Bryant making a disputed shot through heavy traffic, representing Davis’s difficulties on the court.

Looking back, last year’s trade deadline saw the Lakers make a number of roster adjustments. To have the same results with a strengthened lineup, though, seems like going backwards. However, speculation about possible trades involving the Lakers is rampant as the trade deadline approaches.

The Lakers were incredibly efficient from the field all game long. Their 50% field goal percentage is attributable to Russell’s hоt hand and Davis’s extra effort to create open passes. Only 45.2% of the shots that the Jazz attempted were successful. The Lakers also won the game when it came to 3-point shooting, with a 44.8% success rate compared to the Jazz’s 32.4%. More shots were converted by the Lakers than by the other team.

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On the other hand, the Lakers’ fate rested on the free-throw line. Even though they were heavy favorites to go to the charity stripe in their most recent game against the Toronto Raptors, the Lakers ended up on the losing end of the story. They knocked down 20 of 24 free throws. Jazz, in contrast, scored much more points than them, making 36 of their 39 field goal tries. After the game, the Lakers broadcasters showed the free throw statistic and even made reference to Darko Rajakovic’s heated tirade.As a result, the Jazz are now 21-20, while the Lakers are 19-21. What do you think of the supporters’ attitude toward this Lakers side? Can they save the season by clearing out?

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