Explore Kelly Oubre Jr.’s $55 million mansion. when he and his wife were waiting for their second child to be born

Having considered Oubre’s impact on the sport, have you ever pondered the lifestyle of the most recent Sixers player? That no longer is a mystery. This article describes the $5.5 million estate owned by Kelly Oubre Jr. in Los Angeles.

For Oubre, 2023 was a year of transition. It was a lengthy process for the 6-foot-6 wing to find a team after injuring a ligament in his hand in the middle of the 2022-23 season. Despite averaging 20.3 points per game during that season, he finally signed with the Sixers. However, in addition to transferring teams, Oubre is also relocating from his residence in California.


Oubre listed the property in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles for approximately $5.5 million earlier this year. It is noteworthy to mention that Oubre acquired the property for $5 million in 2022, during his tenure with the Charlotte Hornets.









Established in 2019, the mansion comprises a dwelling area of 5,500 square feet. Four bedrooms and six bathrooms are included. Oubre’s mansion is comprised of numerous elements. The mansion is distinguished by its expansive living room featuring a fireplace, contemporary kitchen furnished with stainless steel appliances, and family dining area, all of which are featured in its open floor plan. Additionally, Oubre most likely had no trouble sleeping soundly, given the luxurious master bedroom suite and well-appointed restroom.

In addition to an exquisite interior, the property features a pleasant outdoor area. There is a pleasant balcony in the mansion that overlooks the courtyard. A spa-equipped swimming pool, a coffee area, and an abundance of lounges for soaking up the fresh air are all situated in the backyard. Oubre has established himself as a dependable wing in the NBA. It is therefore not unexpected that he is able to spend his wealth on an extravagant lifestyle. Lines.com estimates that Oubre is worth approximately $5 million.

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