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Tumblr mediaThe Veiled Virgin was created by Italian sculptor, Giovanni Strazza (1818–1875), in Rome during the 1850s.

The statue appears translucent but is made completely out of Carrara marble, a material derived from Tuscany and used frequently by Italian Renaissance artists and ancient Roman builders.

In 1856, the statue was transported to Newfoundland where it was received by Bishop John Thomas Mullock (27 September 1807 – 26 March 1869).

In his diary, he wrote:

“Received safely from Rome, a beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in marble, by Strazza. The face is veiled, and the figure and features are all seen. It is a perfect gem of art.”

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Tumblr mediaTumblr media“La Pudicizia” art study. Commissions open!.

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Thank you bestie for the insightful answer about art, and lemme tell you, the examples that you have brought are really incredible. I will include them asap in my art playlist. The Strazza’s bust reminded me of Veiled Christ by Sanmartino. Holy cow, the magnificence!

Oh yes. Incredible, the veil work is just sumptuous. I can even imagine the complexity of carving something that’s supposed to be extremely thin out of marble. With such finesse. 🥵

Tumblr media

Tumblr media

Tumblr mediaIt reminds me, in painting, of what Edgar Degas was trying to convey in the little dancers of l’Opéra de Paris. He sought to represent the transparency of tutus, with the reflection of light at a given moment. That’s a rough summary, of course. But Degas, in painting, is also incredible.

The Impressionist movement fascinates me in its ideas and complexity. I love its history, because it was also a moment for them to detach themselves from photography, which was gaining in importance. Painting had become a bit obsolete with the public, and painters had to find new techniques and messages to attract the public. There’s a real link between photography and impressionist movement.

In short, I moved away from sculpture. But little details like that are really what make a canvas or a sculpture a work of art. I had a class, on the art of detail it was really interesting about how painters play on details and sometimes you only see a tenth of it.

Tumblr media

Tumblr mediaGiovanni Strazza, “The Veiled Virgin”

Tumblr media«Y esto nos lleva de nuevo a la función del velo en el Islam: ¿qué pasa si el verdadero escándalo que este velo se empeña en ofuscar no es el cuerpo femenino oculto por él, sino la inexistencia de lo femenino? ¿Qué pasa si, por consiguiente, la función última del velo es precisamente sostener la ilusión de que hay algo, lo sustancial, detrás del velo? Si, siguiendo la ecuación de Nietzsche de verdad y mujer, trasponemos el velo femenino al velo que oculta la verdad última, lo que verdaderamente está en juego en el velo musulmán se hace aún más claro. La mujer es una invitación porque representa la “indecibilidad” de la verdad, por una sucesión de velos debajo de los cuales no hay ningún núcleo último; al velarla, creamos la ilusión de que hay, por debajo del velo, la verdad femenina, la verdad horrible de la mentira y el engaño, por supuesto».

Tumblr mediaBust of The Veiled Virgin by Giovanni Strazza. The real bust was made c.1850s and resides at Presentation Convent, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

Tumblr mediaJust imagine the ability to render solid stone transparent. Giovanni Strazza possessed this incredibly rare artistic talent. His masterpiece, “The Veiled Virgin,” carved from flawless Carrara marble, stands as one of the most astounding achievements in the history of sculpture.

Strazza’s mastery of the “wet drapery” technique carried on the tradition of other Italian sculptors like Giuseppe Sanmartino, who, a century earlier, had crafted mesmerizing marble veils, exemplified by the renowned “Veiled Christ.”

This artistic tradition can be traced back to earlier sculptors, including renowned Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, as well as the ancient masters from Greece’s Hellenistic era, who were celebrated for their intricate depictions of fabric folds.

However, in the mid-19th century, Strazza pushed this technique to its limits. The delicate, layered effect he achieved allows the observer to distinctly perceive Mary’s facial features through the translucent veil while simultaneously creating the illusion of weightlessness.

The process of how he transformed solid stone into something so soft and fluid, using only basic hand tools, remains a profound mystery.

“You’re listening to one-eleven eighty, the Mix!” Her alarm radio softly crackled, making it easier for Eddie to push her window up. “This one’s a request from Shannon in Hawkins! It’s a personal favorite of mine too! Here’s My Girl, by the Temptations!” Eddie’s boots smacked the floor a little harder than he’d like to admit, making (Y/n) stir, pulling the blanket closer to her face.

A smile tugged on his lips, realizing that he was successful. Eddie eyed her room, not surprised by the posters and decorations, and the heavenly smell of cream and honeycomb flooded his nostrils. Intoxicating. He wasn’t supposed to be in here, but it made it all the more fun.

Her floorboards creaked under his feet as he explored the new territory. Sheer curtains billowed quietly in the nighttime breeze, blissfully dancing to the radio, making her room all the more divine. Her tall dresser held a couple John Hughes VHS tapes, a small plant of some sort, and a wooden, woven basket full of femenine items. Nail polish in varying shades, two perfumes with unreadable french names, a few small rough crystals, a teasing comb with small rats of hair, a half filled tub of Noxzema, rollerball lipgloss, and a few separate Cosmo magazines.

Eddie’s fingers wrapped around the delicate glass bottle, before spritzing a little and taking a whiff. It was French, alright. Usually he didn’t like all that shit, but it was hers. He went to set it back in its place, but before it set on the dresser, he hesitated, deciding to shove it into his pocket. She wouldn’t miss it. His gaze drifted across the room, to the small cardboard box filled with cassettes.

“No fucking way.” He whispered, crouching down to it. He rummaged through, as if he bought all of them. The plastic cases click together slightly. Lita Ford, The Cure, Blondie, ABBA, Madonna… Pat Benatar! Eddie had a couple cassettes of Pat Benatar, her rock was a bit pop-y but she had one hell of a rasp. He didn’t take (Y/n) as the type of girl to listen to rock, given her cassettes, no mixtapes, of old Italian pop..? Big loopy handwriting scribbled across a notecard, with a sweet inscription at the bottom; “I know its been shaky lately, but i love you! -love, mom.” How sweet!

As Eddie was about to shove that in his pocket as well, he thought against it. She’d most certainly notice. Gently he hid it back under the other cassette tapes, noting the names of artists he’d buy later. A quick peep into her closet revealed heaps of frilly femenine clothes that he never saw her wear, as well as some more recognizable garments. A barbie doll and a cabbage patch kid rested next to each other on the top shelf, probably sentimental.

A small groan pulled Eddie’s gaze from the closet, onto the sleeping figure under floral sheets. Her covered duvet had fallen just below her chest, revealing her satin slip. Her divine form was bathed in moonlight, her hair sprawled out on her pillow, nearly dry from her shower just hours earlier. Her lips that released such a holy sound were parted, her eyes briefly scrunched together, before relaxing again. Eddie was taken aback by her bared shoulders, feeling himself harden under his now tightening pants.

She was ethereal. (Y/n) looked like one of those old Giovanni Strazza statues of women, where her head tilted at just the right angle, innocence tracing her lovely features. Eddie’s hand gently cupped her cheek, pleased by the way it filled his hand perfectly. The rise and fall of her chest made Eddie fall all the more in love with her.

He couldn’t stop himself when the pocket knife appeared in his hand, and he couldn’t stop himself from taking a small lock of her hair. Eddie flicked his bandana out from his pocket, using it to wrap the lock of hair away, promptly shoving it in his other pocket. A shaky exhale left his lips, and he leaned down, getting a closer look at her, before gently kissing her. It was time for him to leave, he told himself.

Eddie’s boots slowly smacked the floor beneath him, as he caught one final glimpse of her sleeping form, another moan escaping her lips as she turned. He flung his legs over the edge, and scooted his ass over her windowsill. Turning again to shut it, he saw her eyes flutter, before opening groggily, staring right at him. Shit! Shit shit shit!

As she processed the image in front of her, he disappeared into the brush behind her home after successfully shutting her window. (Y/n)’s hands rubbed her eyes, trying to find out if she really just saw someone there, but when they cleared up, the man was gone.

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Tumblr media
Tumblr mediaTumblr media
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• 1411: San Giovanni Evangelista – Donatello • 1499: Pietà – Michelangelo • 1515: Mosè – Michelangelo • 1599: Ercole e il centauro Nesso – Giambologna • 1624: David – Gian Lorenzo Bernini • 1752: Modestia – Antonio Corradini • 1801: Perseo con la testa di Medusa – Antonio Canova • 1850: La Vergine Velata – Giovanni Strazza • 1880: Ondina che emerge dalle acque – Chauncey Ives

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