Outrageous Behavior”: After TikToker shares incident of Brittany upsetting an employee over misplaced $2000 shoes, viewers criticize Patrick Mahomes’ wife

Fans aren’t happy with Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany.

Often trolled and called out, Brittany has often addressed her haters directly. However, a few users have also shared unflattering stories about Brittany Mahomes.


According to a TikTok user, Kyle Marisa Roth, Brittany was recently rude to a worker who lost her $2000 shoes in a showroom.

Roth seemed to read out a comment sent to her, saying that Brittany Mahomes apparently made the employee cry, even threatening to never return to their store.


“The wife of this A+ A-list athlete berated a worker at a store because the worker couldn’t find the $2000 shoe she had purchased online and came to pick up. The wife wouldn’t stop yelling at the worker. The worker started to cry and the wife just kept yelling””Finally the shoes were found and the wife threatened to never shop there again. Please. She was back two days later”.


The TikToker shared her own views towards the end, indicating that Brittany has multiple accounts of being rude to various employees in different stores:

“Brittany Mahomes continues her national tour of treating employees, uh, service workers and rent retail workers so well. So well”.

Fans, of course, took to calling out Brittany for the alleged behavior in the comments.


Fans comment on Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany on TikTok

One user called Brittany ‘absolutely horrible’, while others brought up old accusations about the former soccer player not tipping wait staff.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany was also accused of being stingy in the past

As mentioned, this is not the first time Brittany Mahomes has been called out for mistreating employees at an establishment.


In 2023, TikTok user Jessica O’Conner called Brittany out for apparently not tipping a restaurant in West Hollywood back in 2021.

As per Jessica, Brittany had a bill over $130 and left with zero tips. This process continued for a week, Brittany did not tip any of their staff members even once.

Adding on to her point, Jessica revealed that Patrick Mahomes wasn’t with Brittany, who was also ‘genuinely unpleasant’ throughout her time there.

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