Patrick Mahomes praises Lionel Messi’s talent after watching him play at Arrowhead Stadium

The quarterback was blown away by Messi’s play in Inter Miami’s win over Sporting Kansas City

Patrick Mahomes greeted Lionel Messi prior to Sporting KC vs Inter...

A historic encounter unfolded at Arrowhead Stadium as Lionel Messi paid a visit to Sporting Kansas City over the weekend, where he was welcomed by co-owner and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Messi’s mesmerizing performance on the field proved pivotal as Inter Miami secured a thrilling 3-2 victory over Sporting.

Patrick Mahomes warmly embraces Lionel Messi at Sporting KC vs Inter Miami matchMLS

Following his return to press conferences after a Super Bowl win, Mahomes fielded questions about his experience meeting Messi and watching him play. Mahomes expressed profound admiration for Messi’s prowess, highlighting his exceptional vision and playmaking abilities.

As a quarterback, Mahomes was particularly struck by Messi’s ingenuity in creating opportunities akin to his role in throwing passes, albeit with his feet.

“It’s just unbelievable to witness someone at the pinnacle of their sport make things happen the way Messi does, his passing, his vision, and of course, that goal he scored. It truly exemplifies what it means to excel at the highest level in any profession,” Mahomes declared.

Did the two stars get to meet?

Mahomes had the chance to greet Messi upon his arrival at the stadium, engaging in a star-studded exchange with one of the most iconic athletes in the world today.

“What’s up man? Hey, good luck out there. Have fun,” Mahomes greeted Messi, with the two sharing a handshake and a moment of mutual respect.

The exact words exchanged after the handshake remained unclear, but it marked a significant meeting between two luminaries of global sports.

This encounter marked a venue change from Children’s Mercy Park, where Sporting Kansas City usually plays, to Arrowhead Stadium, home to Mahomes and the NFL champions, due to overwhelming fan demand. The 76,000-seat capacity of Arrowhead was necessary to accommodate the thousands of fans eager to witness Messi in action.

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