Ronaldo swaps anger on the field for tranquility on the beach: Superstar Al-Nassr relaxes with teammate Rodriguez days after being elbowed and trampled by opponent Al-Hilal

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted relaxing on the beach just days after being banned from the sport for violent behaviour.

Ronaldo, 39, suffered a head injury on Monday night during Al-Nassr’s Saudi Arabia Super Cup semi-final loss to Al-Hilal. The senior superstar appeared to elbow and stomp an opponent, then raised his hand toward the referee for no apparent reason.

Real Madrid legend Ronaldo was involved in a confrontation with Ali Al-Bulayhi when he was sent off in the 86th minute. At the time of Ronaldo’s sending off, Al-Nassr were trailing 2-0.

Although Sadio Mane scored a consolation goal in the 99th minute, Al-Nassr was unable to continue playing due to Ronaldo’s actions which ended a very stressful evening.

Just three days after the incident, the Portuguese attacker was seen relaxing on the beach with his partner, Georgina Rodríguez. This occurred despite the fact that he had received a lot of criticism following the incident.


Cristiano Ronaldo relaxed on the beach a few days after being sent off for violent conduct

The Al-Nassr star took some time away from the spotlight with his partner Georgina Rodríguez


The couple enjoyed some food and drink, with photos suggesting they were in Abu Dhabi.


During Monday night’s Saudi Arabia Super Cup match against Al-Hilal, Ronaldo had a red moment.

The model and influencer published several photographs of her with Ronaldo in what appeared to be Abu Dhabi, away from the spotlight.

‘Two days for two’ was the description of his image. In one of the photos, Ronaldo is seen lounging on a sun lounger, enjoying some food and drinks, flaunting his toned body.

The defender attempted to prevent the Portuguese sensation from snatching the ball for a quick throw-in during his aforementioned clash with Al-Hilal’s Al-Bulayhi, resulting in the two clashing.

The camera then showed the Al-Hilal defender receiving an elbow from Ronaldo, which caused him to fall to the ground and a fight began between the players.

Then, in another film, Ronaldo appeared to be trampling on an already fallen Al-Bulayhi, but the view was obscured by advertising posters, making it impossible to tell whether Ronaldo had made contact with the player.

The incident sparked a brawl between the two rival Saudi teams, with Al-Nassr and former Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte attempting to mediate the situation in the dramatic final moments. Former Chelsea defender Kalidou Koulibaly rushed to help his teammate before being pushed.

Ronaldo was furious with the match referee after witnessing the two teams of players push and shove each other. Referee Mohammed Al-Hoaish quickly showed a straight red card.

To the point that Ronaldo waved his hand as if he wanted to punch the referee, or perhaps punch the ball he was carrying, before changing his mind.

After receiving the red card and getting into a lot of trouble, Ronaldo mockingly slapped a match referee on the shoulder.

Ronaldo appeared to address fans as he left the field and said: “You are all witnesses to this robbery.”

After a terrible night for both team and player, Saudi Pro League officials expelled them from the competition, leading to a highly controversial conclusion.

Ronaldo and the referee had already argued earlier in the match after Al-Nassr’s goal was disallowed and the score remained tied.

Octavio believed he had given his team the lead, but it was disallowed because Otávio was deemed offside when he placed the ball in the net and Ronaldo had not made contact with the ball.

The match’s eventual burst of spirit was precipitated by the Portuguese icon’s protest at the disallowed goal, which led to him receiving a yellow card.



Ronaldo appeared to elbow and then stomp on his opponent, sparking a fight on the field.


Referee Mohammed Al-Hoaish gave a direct red card to Ronaldo for violent conduct


Footage then emerged showing Ronaldo raising his fist towards the referee after his red card.


When Al-Nassr was eliminated from the Super Cup, Ronaldo stormed off the field, furious at the ruling.

With two goals in the second half, Salem Aldawsari and Malcom gave Al-Hilal the victory and advanced to the next round of the Saudi Arabian Super Cup. Mane added a consolation goal for Al-Nassr’s 10-man team late in injury time.

This season, Ronaldo has been in the news for the wrong reasons more than once in Saudi football.

After making an obscene gesture during Al-Nassr’s victory over Al-Shabab in February, the former Manchester United player was punished by Saudi football bosses for one match. Now they will miss him at least for one game.

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