Tender Goodbye: Patrick Mahomes’ Heartfelt Send-off from Daughter Sterling Marks the End of Training Camp

Brittany Mahomes is sharing an adorable moment between daughter Sterling and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

On Tuesday, the mom of two, 27, posted a sweet video to her Instagram Story as Patrick, also 27, left for football training camp. “Say bye bye daddy!” Brittany tells Sterling. “Bye bye daddy,” the toddler repeats.


“I love you,” Brittany tells her daughter to say. “I love you,” Sterling repeats.

“Blow him kisses,” the Kansas City Current co-owner says to Sterling, who in turn blows kisses as her father’s car pulls out of their driveway.



“Sending @patrickmahomes off to camp,” Brittany wrote on the video.

Brittany and Patrick share daughter Sterling and 7-month-old son Bronze. The pair have been married since 2022.

Earlier this week, Patrick spoke with CBS Mornings about his role in Netflix’s Quarterback and opened up about taking advice from his peers and applying it to his own family.

“I actually talked to Peyton [Manning] about it for a while,” Mahomes said. “What stuck with me is he said, ‘At the end of my career, I wish I would have done it so my kids could’ve seen what I was doing every day.’”


The Super Bowl champ said the comment “hit me, obviously, having two kids.”

“When my kids grow up, I wanted them to see that dad wasn’t just gone just to be gone. I was gone doing something, to build, to be great. And so, whenever they get older, they can see how hard I worked,” he noted.

The football star also noted that he aspired to be a role model for his two kids. “I want to be someone that the kids can look up to and say that, ‘Hey, I want to be like Patrick Mahomes,’” he said.



“And I want parents to think that, ‘Hey, that’s a guy that I want my kid to be like.’ And so, that’s how I’ll play the game.”

In June, the Mahomes took their family of four to Hawaii, where Sterling was able to swim with some dolphins. Brittany documented the exciting day by posting videos and photos on her Instagram. The first photos and videos were from a bridge over the water, where mother and daughter watched the dolphins from a distance.

“What’s in there, Sterling?” Brittany asked her little girl. “Little fishes,” the toddler replied, soon after adding, “I see the dolphins!”


The mother-daughter marveled at the sight before getting ready and getting into the water to take a closer look. The proud mom shared a photo of them working with the trainer and later, a posed Polaroid where she held a tense-looking Sterling as the dolphin came up just behind them and smiles.

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