The children went up the mountain to pick up a “rusty iron bar” and sold it. The expert who found out immediately asked to block the whole mountain.

It turned out that the “rusty iron bar” the children found was a thousand-year-old Chinese cultural relic.

Throughout China’s history, many cultural relics have appeared that mark the era. For example, when talking about bronze, people will immediately think of the history of the Xia, Shang and Zhou countries. In the process of researching history in a country of billions of people, protecting bronze is always a very important content.

In the 1980s, a rural child in Hebei discovered a “rusty iron bar” while playing in the mountains. After archaeological experts learned this information, they decided to dig up the entire mountain where the sword was found and conduct excavations and rescue of cultural relics there.

So what important cultural relics are there on this mountain? Why do experts pay so much attention to this mountain?

According to Sohu, the above location is a mountain in a small village in Tuyen Hoa district, Hebei province, China. This is also the daily play place for children in this village. In the 1980s, a group of children went to the mountains to play hide and seek when one of them discovered a rusty sword that “glimmered blue”. Because they thought it was an iron sword that could be sold for money, they decided to bring it home and sell it to a scrap collector in exchange for some candy.

Đám trẻ lên núi nhặt được “thanh sắt gỉ” rồi đem bán, chuyên gia biết chuyện lập tức yêu cầu phong tỏa cả ngọn núi- Ảnh 1.

Photo: Sohu

At that time, this scrap collector did not pay much attention to the sword and threw it away in the warehouse. However, what happened later made this person extremely shocked.

Accordingly, Hebei province is located in the center of ancient Chinese civilization, so there are many cultural relics, ancient books and tombs. Therefore, archaeologists regularly carry out many searches for cultural relics among the people.

In April 1985, a group of archaeologists were continuing their trip to collect these national treasures when they discovered the said sword. However, according to experts, this is a bronze sword, over time it has rusted green, not iron. Moreover, because they saw that this was definitely not an ordinary antique, after a while of discussion, they decided to ask the scrap collector about its origin.

Đám trẻ lên núi nhặt được “thanh sắt gỉ” rồi đem bán, chuyên gia biết chuyện lập tức yêu cầu phong tỏa cả ngọn núi- Ảnh 2.

Photo: Sohu

Knowing that not only children but also adults in the village still occasionally pick up or dig up objects similar to swords at the mountain in question, experts are confident that this location is very likely still alive. There were relics or ancient tombs left, so I immediately went there to check.

Because soil erosion on this mountain is very serious, possibly causing great damage to the graves below, experts asked the police and authorities to block off the area and conduct excavations. The huge amount of work took archaeologists more than 3 months to “turn over” and “hollow out” the entire mountain.

As a result, they found a total of 48 thousand-year-old tombs and unearthed a number of bronze artifacts. Through research and comparison with historical documents, experts discovered that this mountain is a remnant of the Xiajiadim upper culture, which was born around 800 BC and disappeared around 300 AD. BC.

Đám trẻ lên núi nhặt được “thanh sắt gỉ” rồi đem bán, chuyên gia biết chuyện lập tức yêu cầu phong tỏa cả ngọn núi- Ảnh 3.

Photo: Sohu

The most important point of Xiajiadian super culture is that its existence has played an important role in promoting Chinese historical research on the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period as well as the world outside of China. Original.

According to experts, this upper culture has nothing to do with the state of Yen – a vassal state to the north of the Zhou Dynasty in Chinese history, existing from the early period of Western Zhou through the Spring and Autumn to the War. Quoc. According to experts’ speculation, a number of conflicts occurred and this may have been the cause of the collapse of Xiajiadian high culture.

The results of the excavation marked an important milestone in archaeologists’ research. Although many bronze relics have been destroyed over time, with the number of relics found, experts still have the opportunity to learn more deeply about bronze culture and Chinese history during the Spring, Autumn, and War periods. Quoc.

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